by Smokey

Welcome to Smokey Grill BBQ!

Our team at Smokey Grill BBQ has an extreme love and passion for meat. We’ve been all over the country looking for the perfect barbecue. Including places like Texas, South Carolina, Georga, Ohio, Kentucky and many more.

We have gained so much knowledge talking with some of the best pitmasters, smokers, and grillers in the country. They all seem to have one thing in common. They all do it their OWN way.

There’s no one right way to make a perfect barbecue. No matter where you go you’re going to find something unique and different to try. That’s what makes barbecuing so special!

We want to make sure you get the best grills & smokers within your budget so you can have your own perfect barbecue.

Smokey Grill BBQ was born from that exact desire. Finding the best grill and smoker can be as much of an affair as pinning down what you like and how to cook it. It’s hard to find unbiased advice about grills & smokers, even from experts. Most of the best grillmasters have been using the same old grill for 20 years and don’t plans on changing that anytime soon.

Our mission is to help you find the best-valued grills and smokers on the market so you create the perfect barbecue right from home!

So we created this site to pass on all of our expert knowledge to you. Our dedicated team scours the web, searching for high-quality grills and brands. We test them and make sure they are worthy of your hard-earned money.

There are brands out there that are way overpriced and they don’t do the job any better. Then there are others you can get at an affordable price point with a simple design that will turn out the best barbecue you’ve ever had if you treat it right.

We do all of the hard lifting on researching, testing, and finding the best grills and smokers on the market so you can sit back, relax, and watch the smoke fill the air. There’s nothing like the relaxing smell of wood smoke, the sound of sizzling meat, cold beer in your hand, and of course your friends and family.

Let’s get barbecuing!